What’s the highest ROI investment you’ve made? Education? Bitcoin? Apple stock? Your house?

For me it’s coaching. My USC MBA was a great investment (fight on!), my house has gone up in value much more than I expected. But the few thousand I have spent on career and performance coaching over the years have, by far, the highest ROI.

This is because coaching provides the most insight per dollar. There are cheaper sources for raw information and unfiltered wisdom. But insight comes from getting the right information at the right time. And insight turns into action and progress.

Information per $:
Books: 💾💾💾💾💾
College: 💾💾💾
Coaching: 💾

Insight per $:
Books: 💡💡(ymmv)
College: 💡
Coaching: 💡💡💡💡💡

If you want to improve quickly coaching (or mentoring) is the place to invest

I’ve found good coaches and mentors through trial and error (and Google). All have provided at least some value, but many proved to be shallow wells, I quickly stopped getting value. Not everyone is a good fit for you or a good coach.

Once you have a couple coaches you’ve worked with and are a good fit, you have an amazing resource. I know I can go get great guidance and insight on any challenge I’m facing. That brings a great amount of value for me and my employer.

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