Context Specific Shortcut Reminder for MS Office (or any other program)

Much of my work day is spent in Excel and Powerpoint. I’m employed by a marketing consulting firm and part of my job is turning CPG data into clear, persuasive insights to guide clients and help them persuade their customers. To speed up the tedious parts of this task I have turned to AutoHotKey scripting and learning more keyboard shortcuts.

Remembering simple shortcuts is easy, but there are many out there that I’ve never used, or have forgotten. So I created a script that can remind me of the shortcuts available in any active program. If I’m in Excel, it will remind me of  Excel shortcuts. If I’m in Powerpoint, it will remind me of Powerpoint shortcuts. You get the idea.

Here’s video of it in action:

Let me know if you like the idea or have other ideas or improvements. If you want a copy, I’d be happy to send you one. This concept can be adapted for just about any program.


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